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  • Graham Fox. Gendered issues and contested benefits. The case of Laikipia’s Maasai Cricket Warriors. The Maasai community must often lend dignity to racialized land structures if they wish to access.. 2017. 〈hal-01543565〉
  • Schutter De Sam. TRANSNATIONAL ACTIVISM AN ENTANGLED HISTORY OF THE DISABILITY MOVEMENT IN TANZANIA. Disability does not just refer to an individual impairment, but is constructed through social rel.. 2017. 〈halshs-01610726〉
  • Samia Chabouni. Dégradation des relations avec l'Occident, nouveau partenariat avec l'Algérie : vers une réorientation de la politique étrangère rwandaise?. No. 2016. 〈halshs-01292459〉
  • Wangui Kimari. 'We do not Want any more masters': ruins, planning and the " messy labours " of the urban poor. The article demonstrate how some parts of Nairobi city have been neglected for along time despite.. 2016. 〈hal-01461496〉
  • Anaïs Angelo. Becoming minister for Lands: Jackson angaine and meru poLitics (1961-1963) 1 . Land problem among the Meru and Kikuyu communities before and after Kenya's independence. 2016. 〈halshs-01323047〉
  • Adèle Charbonneau. MANAGING CONFLICTS IN SLUMS WITHIN A RELOCATION PROJECT. CASE STUDY OF SOWETO EAST, KIBIRA, NAIROBI. In Developing cities, many slum dwellers have settled down in valuable land reserves due to lack .. 2016, 4 pg. 〈halshs-01315397〉
  • Sina Schlimmer. BUREAUCRACY VERSUS LAND GRABBING? REPLACING THE STATE IN A FASHIONABLE DEBATE IN TANZANIA. The article is about the procedure of acquiring land in Tanzania.It is about the bureaucracy invo.. 2016. 〈halshs-01344468〉
  • Lester Mtwana Jao. A brief lexico-semantic study of French and Kiswahili. No. 2015. 〈halshs-01229613〉
  • Sylvain Racaud, Helene Mainet. Secondary towns in globalization: : challenged position or inconspicuous key role in trade flows? Lessons from East Africa. Articulo - Journal of Urban Research, Articulo - Revue de sciences humaines asbl, 2015, Inconspicuous Globalization, 12/2015, 〈http:// articulo.revues.org/2880〉. 〈10.4000/articulo.2880 〉. 〈hal-01465010〉
  • Louise Protar. Être mère en pays luo. No. 2015. 〈halshs-01235327〉