Economic Dynamics

Source: AFP
  • Workers, Labour, and Employment

This research area targets studies on workers in industries, factories and on plantations in East Africa, focusing on working conditions, workers relations (considering their gendered dimension), workers/employers relations, organized protest or consent, the growth of a working class culture, etc. Currently, research focuses on tea plantations and trade in Kenya.

  • Globalisation and urban-rural territorial dynamics

Urban-rural dynamics enable to understand locally globalisation. Studying the creation of urban and rural territories in relation to globalisation contributes to understanding flow systems and mobility systems, livelihood diversification, “hybridization” of ways of life, and the insertion of new actors. This programme deals with the coexistence of local and global phenomena and aims at grasping globalisation through both actors and space/places. It resulted in a recent edited volume published with Mkuki na Nyota: Rural-Urban Dynamics in the East African Mountains, 2017 (ed. by F. Bart, B. R Nakileza, S. Racaud).

Research themes include:

  • Urban-rural relations
  • Socio-spatial mobility, resources’ systems diversification
  • Commercial networks
  • Informal trade, street vending and urbanisation
  • Large scale investments, land, infrastructure of transport
  • Agriculture and markets networks