Global and local : social and economic transformations

Global and local
Global and local

Social and economic transformations

Geographers and anthropologists at IFRA have been key in developping research on the social and spatial changes occuring in East Africa. Its interface position exposes East Africa to great transformations in terms of trade, migration, investments, etc.

 Globalisation and urban-rural territorial dynamics

This research aims at studying the creation of urban and rural territories with regard to their interrelations to globalisation. “ Rurbanisation”, the complexification of flow systems and mobility systems, livelihood diversification, “hybridation” of ways of life and insertion of new actors emphasizes on frontiers infringements (spatial, social, politic, etc.). This research deals with the coexistence local and global phenomena and aims at grasping globalisation through the actors and places. The main assumption is that the urban-rural dynamics enable to interpret locally globalisation.

Research themes include:

  • Urban-rural relations
  • Socio-spatial mobility, resources’ systems diversification
  • Commercial networks
  • Informal trade, street vending and urbanisation
  • Large scale investments, land, infrastructure of transport
  • Agriculture and markets networks

The seminar “Urban-rural linkages: globalisation and territorial dynamics” is organised throughout the year. The purpose of the seminar is to grasp urban and rural areas in the analysis through socio-spatial mobility, the movement of goods, ideas, flow of resources, networks, investments, etc. so as to question the territorial dynamics of globalisation.

Project in 2016: “Globalization, urbanization and street vendors”

This project consists of organizing debates between the civil society, local authorities and scholars. Public forums and an international conference will be instigated to address the challenge of integrating street vendors to urban planning and deliberate on participatory urban planning.

Inequalities: policies, narratives, mobilisations

A new project will be launched on the very wide but understudied toics of inequalities in East Africa. It will combine economic studies (fiscal policies, distribution of wealth…) and social sciences research focusing on the imaginations of inequalities. It follows a tradition of research at IFRA focusing on social changes : middle classes (a workshop was held in 2015), masculinity…