Carnivores in East Africa

  • Archeology and the ecology of carnivores

This project, led by researcher Jean-Philippe Brugal (CNRS), concerns both cultural and natural heritage. It  links archeology, paleontology, zooarcheology, taxonomy, taphonomy, (paleo)ecology and social anthropology, and (paleo)ethnography and ethnoarcheology. Its chronological frame is the Quaternary (-2.6 My), from the human origin until the present day – a period marked by climatic events with regular environmental (flora, fauna) changes through time. Reconstruction and the knowledge of past and modern environments  are a prerequisite to better understand the ethno- and behavioral traits of human groups and societies. The project specifically focuses on the ecology of carnivores (meat-eaters as humans) and competitive aspects with past and modern human groups (hunter-gatherers to agro-pastoralist).