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Kizza Besigye and Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution

12 May 2015 @ 16:00 - 18:00 UTC+1

Book discussion

With Daniel Kalinaki (@kalinaki), Pauline Bernard, Dr.Joshua Rubongoya & Dr. Musambayi Katumanga.

“[R]enowned journalist Daniel Kalinaki’s book, Kizza Besigye and Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution […] charts the journey of Besigye starting from his childhood in Rukungiri to working alongside Museveni against the Obote ‘regime’ and finally, to leading an opposition movement.

The backdrop to the story is a Uganda re-emerging from decades of abuse by tyrants of yester-year. Kalinaki provides a concise account of the history of the country and interwoven into it are the stories of Besigye, Museveni and their respective parties and causes. This perhaps is where the book triumphs. In one volume the reader gains an insight into Besigye the man, the evolution of Uganda and the sins and successes of a government which has possibly outstayed its welcome.

In recent years, Besigye has often made headlines for his acts of rebellion, his inability to be silenced and refusal to stand down. The book goes into detail offering accounts of every beating, imprisonment and act of injustice forced upon him by the powers that be. In the midst of this he becomes a husband and a father, and one cannot help but think that this is what he sacrifices in order to continue with his quest for success. Years are spent in exile, away from his family and home; was it for personal glory or an act so altruistic as being for the good of the nation?

While this story is told through accounts provided by Besigye, his wife Winnie and many others that have fought by his side and against him, Kalinaki makes a concerted effort to shed light upon the huge differences between the Museveni of 1986 and the Museveni of 2016”.

Samira Sawlani, @samirasawlani, from somanystories.ug

David Kalinaki, Kizza Besigye And Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution, Dominant Seven Publishers, 2014, 336 p, ISBN13 9789970491018

Power. Betrayal. Broken hearts. Broken promises. This book traces the life and career of Ugandan opposition leader Kizza Besigye and his contest with President Yoweri Museveni. It uncovers details of the relationship between the two men and Winnie Byanyima, explores Besigye’s falling out with the regime and the Army, his flight into exile, and the trials and tribulations he faced on his return.


12 May 2015
16:00 - 18:00
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