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Rural-Urban Dynamics in the East African Mountains

Edited by François Bart, Bob R Nakileza, Sylvain Racaud, Rural-Urban Dynamics in the East African Mountains, 2017, 390 p., ISBN 9789987753987 This book is the result of a long-term cooperation between French and East African...

Elections in Africa

Exhibition on Elections in Africa: Radio Interview

Institut des Afriques hosted an exhibition covering aspects of elections in Africa.  This exhibition was first organized by IFRA-Nairobi and the National Museums of Kenya(NMK) and hosted at the Nairobi National Museum in 2015. Radio...

Students follow during a training session

Video Training for Scientists

IFRA-Nairobi together with the French Embassy, Resilience in East Africa Landscape (REAL) and Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) successfully carried out a short but intense video training course for scientists that culminated in a...