IFRA supports research

IFRA regularly supports junior researchers to carry out their fieldwork in East Africa as partial fulfillment of their PhD or Masters degree requirements and sometimes their postdoctoral research. The institute specifically welcomes students in the fields of social sciences and humanities (history, geography, archaeology and anthropology) and political sciences.

Research Permit : IFRA supports PhD students and researchers to obtain a research permits in Kenya. Depending on the research project,  French nationals can be delivered a free permit; other researchers can be affiliated to IFRA in order to facilitate the process. Please send us your resume, cover letter and a short research project. Kindly check the application form.

MASTERS: IFRA may support students conducting a short-term fieldwork or doing an internship as part of their Masters. It can host students in its offices and occasionally provide financial support. For any request, kindly send us your curriculum vitae/resume and research project (no more than 4 pages). Application deadlines are twice a year: 31 May and 30 November.

DOCTORATE: IFRA may support PhD or prospective PhD students with short-term grant for fieldwork, and 9-month PhD grants renewable once.

BIEA/IFRA seminars are organized once a month. If you are a PhD student or a researcher and you wish to make a presentation on your research, please contact us. IFRA may also organize Brown Bag Seminars on an ad hoc basis for visiting researchers and students doing their fieldwork.