Politics of State Interventions on Land Rights in East Africa: Conference on 22nd to 23rd June

Conference on Politics of State Interventions on Land Rights in East Africa

22nd to 23rd June 2016 at the IFRA Offices

The Conference has been organized by the French Institute for Research in Africa of Nairobi (IFRA-Nairobi) with the support of the Ford Foundation, Office of Eastern Africa.

In most cases, in Sub-Saharan African countries, land is not a mere factor of production; it also shapes socio-cultural identities, and ultimately informs the shaping of political order in society. Studies have highlighted the specific role of the State in the control and formalization of access to land and associated resources and its role in guaranteeing some form of land tenure security in a globalized economy. Interestingly, in the past decades, all the countries of the East African region have undergone substantial changes in terms of land accessibility, land tenure systems, and land policies, which calls for comparative analysis and perspectives. By analyzing current trends and changes defining access to land and policy-making and dealing with different countries in East Africa, the conference will contribute to opening up new perspectives. Moreover, the event will lastly open up the debate by including a final panel of personalities from civil society: the Executive Directors of the Land Alliances from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will join the discussions.


Wednesday, 22 June, 2016

8,00: Participants arrival and registration

8,15 : Word of Welcome, Marie-Emmanuelle Pomerolle

           Opening speech, Margaret Rugadya

8,30:  Land Policies and the Decision-Making in East Africa and Beyond

Moderator: Margaret Rugadya


Lusugga Kironde, Associate Professor, School of Real Estate Studies, Ardhi University.

“Twenty Years of Implementing the National Land Policy in Tanzania: Achievements and the Challenges ahead”.

Julius Niringiyimana, Assistant Lecturer, University of Makerere.

“Exploring the Contradictions of the Ugandan Land Act: Formulation Process and its Ideological Underpinnings”.

Philippe Lavigne Delville, Senior Researcher, Institute for Research and Development (IRD).

 “Land Policies and Reforms in French-speaking West Africa”.

Paul Syagga, Prof- Department of Real Eastate and Construction Management University of Nairobi

The Political Economy of Land Reforms Implementation in Kenya”.

10,30: Tea Break

11,00: Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Eastern Africa and Reactions from Below

Moderator: Sylvain Racaud

Discussant: Jacqueline Klopp


Giuliano Martiniello, Assistant Professor, American University of Beirut.

“The State and Customary Land Tenure System in Uganda: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives”.

Desalegn Amsalu, Lecturer, Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa.

“Communities at Margins: Spaces of Large Scale Development Projects Intervention in Contemporary Ethiopia”.

Rasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen, Post-Doc at the Danish Institute for International Studies.

“The Political Economy of Petroleum Investments and Land Acquisition Standards in Tanzania”.

13,00: Lunch

14,30:Policy Formulation in Kenya

Moderator: Marie Emmanuelle Pommerolle

Discussant: Philippe Lavigne Delville


Bernard Mwera, PhD Candidate, Rhodes University, Department of Sociology, South Africa.

Policy Making of Land Reforms in Kenya and the Role of  Civil Society Organizations in the Process

Grace Wawuda, Advocate, and Francesca Di Matteo, PhD Candidate,IFRA Fellow.

“The political Economy of formulating Community Land Law in Kenya”.

Jacqueline Klopp, Associate Research Scholar, Columbia University.

“The State of Kenya’s Land Policy and Law Reform: A Political Institutional Analysis”

17,30: Cocktail and departure

Thursday, 23 June, 2016

8,00: State Interventions on Land Tenure, Users Practices and Knowledge

Moderator: Sylvain Racaud

Discussant:  Dr. Lusugga Kironde


Pamela Khanakwa, Lecturer, Makerere University.

 “You Bought the Title, a Piece of Paper, but the Land is Mine”: Land disputes in Bulambuli district, Eastern Uganda.

Charles Kilawe, PhD Candidate, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro/University of Copenhagen.

“The Roles of Land Tenure, Agriculture and Forest Policies on Intensification of Shifting Cultivation in Tanzania”.

Joseph Kieyah, Acting Programmes Coordinator, Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis.

“Economics of Land Registration: Theories and Evidence form Kenya”.

10,30: Tea Break

11,00: State Intervention on Land Rights, Identities and Antagonisms in Uganda

Moderator:  Francesca Di Matteo

Discussant: Giuliano Martiniello


John Baligira, PhD Candidate, University of Cape Town.

“Violent Conflict in Kibaale District: between Constitutional and Land Reform Efforts and the Resumption of Competitive Electoral Politics”.

Victoire Chalin, PhD Candidate, Université de Paris Diderot P7.

“How the State Colonized Pastoralists in the Southwest Region of Uganda by Evicting Cattle Keepers from Land and Decision-Making Processes”.

Faith Athumuze, PhD Candidate, Makerere University.

“Land Policy Reforms and Emerging Identity Constraints amongst the ‘Banyarwanda’ in the Lake Albert Region, Uganda”.

13,00: Lunch


Intra-Regional Reflections on Land Policies and Advocacy Strategies from the Land Alliances

Moderator: Margaret Rugadya


Odenda Lumumba, Executive Director, Kenya Land Alliance.

Edmond Owuor, Executive Director, Uganda Land Alliance.

Joseph Chiombola, Coordinator, Tanzania Land Alliance.

Robin Palmer, Global Land Rights Policy Specialist on Southern and Eastern Africa.

Ibrahim Mwathane, Director of Land Development and Governance Institute

17,00: Closing remarks, Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle

17,30: Tea and departure

 Confirm your attendance to: info@ifra-nairobi.net

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