Seminar on Environmental Projects and Territorial Transformations in Agricultural Areas on the 3rd of March at 2.00 Pm at the IFRA Offices

Seminar Series by IFRA “Urban-rural linkages: Globalisation and Territorial Dynamics”

Seminar session: “Environmental projects and territorial transformations in agricultural areas”, on 3rd March, 2pm, at IFRA

  • Rescaling water policies in Africa (examples of South Africa and Kenya), by Pr David Blanchon, University of Paris-Ouest
  • Escaping the village trap: the Grail quest for export licences in Kenya, by Pr Bernard Calas, University of Bordeaux-Montaigne and Dr Sylvain Racaud, IFRA-Nairobi
  • Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) Programme implementation: connecting two agricultural areas through the concept of “service”, by Gaële Rouillé, University of Paris-Ouest

This seminar will explore the spatial transformations of various areas that follow their connection to globalised processes (both material ones, through the involvement in agricultural production for export, and abstract ones through the diffusion of influential concepts and ideas on the ground). We will specifically look at the influences of environmental paradigms on agricultural projects and areas. We will specifically question the influence of paradigms (Integrated Water Resource Management, environmental services), that have become prominent in development arenas over the last decades, on the design of these projects mobilizing the notions of “re-scaling” and “translation”. We will also consider how the implementation of these projects can change water users’ perceptions of their territory.

Our conclusions will be in relation to different African Case Studies (Lake Naivasha Basin in Kenya, and South Africa)

These research studies have been carried out under the research programme “Of lands and Waters” supported by “l’Agence Nationale de la Recherche” (ANR).

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