[CAE N° 41] Democracy in Uganda, 2009

Democracy in Uganda, Les Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est  n°41, 2009



Part I. Democracy in Uganda

Democratization and Conflict Resolution in Uganda (P. Omach) download article

From fundamental change to no change: The NRM and democratization in Uganda (W. Muhumuza) download article

The Challenge of Building Strong Political Parties for Democratic Governance in Uganda: Does multiparty politics have a future? (S. Makara) download article

Voting Patterns in Uganda’s Elections: Could it be the end of the National Resistance Movement’s domination in Uganda’s politics? (C. Bwana) download article

Switiching roles in pursuit of democracy: The performance of civil society and media in the absence of political opposition (S. Mutabazi) download article

Part II. Varia

The struggle for space: minority religious identities in post-independence Kenya (M. Ndeda) download article

J.K. Nyerere entre mythe et histoire en Tanzanie post-socialiste (M.A. Fouéré) download article

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