CfP: “Theater, performance and political speech in the public space”

The journal:  Cahiers de Littérature Orale

Special issue: Theater, performance and political speech in the public space

This issue of Cahiers de Littérature Orale will focus on the role of political speech in artistic performances expressed in the public space, understood in its “material” (urban space open to audience) and metaphorical (space of public debate) sense (Fleury, 2010).

This issue invites contributors to reflect on the uses of political speech in urban artistic performances. What power relations does it account for or does it allow emancipation? Under what conditions does it become political and goes beyond the “evidence of its ‘saying'” (Neveux, 2019)? How does it fit into public spaces that are more or less involved in art production? Does it impact the public immediately or is it delayed via, for example, social networks within “new speaking spaces” (Bornand, Degorce, Leguy, 2015)?

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The coordinators of this special issue are Elara Bertho, Aurore Desgranges and Maëline Le Lay.

  • January 10th 2020: deadline for papers proposals (max one page)
  • April 20th 2020: final papers (max 50 000 characters)
  • Spring 2021: releasing of the special issue

Article proposals can be submitted in French or English.

Abstracts are expected no later than January 10th, 2020 to:, and

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