“Philosopher V.-Y. Mudimbe and the Concept of Africa”, December 16-17 2019

Taking place at the Alliance française on the 16th December 2019 (6:00pm) then at the University of Nairobi (MLT403) on the 17th December (9:00am-5:00pm), this two-day event aims to present and discuss the creative work of Congolese thinker V.-Y. Mudimbe. Born and raised in DRC, he studied in Europe and taught in the US where he developed his philosophy of Africa in The Invention of Africa (1988) and The Idea of Africa (1994). These two seminal books address colonialism to understand how ‘Africa’ as a notion was forged. Mudimbe also wrote powerful literary and autobiographical works in French, well-known in francophone Africa and international literary circles but way less in East Africa.

A roundtable with Sammy Baloji, Pierre Boizette, Pierre-Philippe Fraiture, Kai Kresse and Reginald Oduor at the Alliance française and a symposium with Salim Abdelmadjid, Pierre-Philippe Fraiture, Kai Kresse, Oriare Nyarwath, Reginald Oduor and Francis Owakah at the University of Nairobi.

For more info and to attend this day, preregister by sending an email to info@ifra-nairobi.net

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