Kenya’s Past as Prologue. Voters, Violence and the 2013 General Election PDF.

kenya-as-prologueThe PDF Version, Available for Download

Kenya’s Past as Prologue. Voters, Violence and the 2013 General Election, edited by , C.Thibon, M-A. Fouéré, M. Ndeda and S. Mwangi, Nairobi, Twaweza Communications, 2015, 270 p.

“During the run-up to Kenya’s 2013 general elections, crucial political and civic questions were raised.Could past mistakes, especially political and ethnic-related violence,be avoided this time round? Would the spectre of the 2007 post- electoral violence positively or negatively affect debates and voting? How would politicians,electoral bodies such as the IEBC, the Kenyan civil society and the international community weigh in on the elections?…The book’s centre stage tries to explore Kenya’s inescapable past and whether it would prepare the scene for a new political order.”

The book will be available in all Nairobi’s bookshops and through African Books Collective. Book launch and discussions to come!

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4 Foreword
Kirnani Njogu, Katrin Siedel & Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle

5 Acknowledgment

6 Introduction: Kenya’s 2013 General Elections: A National Event Set Between’The Inescapable’ and ‘The Unforeseeable’
Christian Thibon, Marie-Aude Fouere, Susan Mwangi, Mildred Ndeda

13 Kenyan Elections: When Does History Repeat Itself and Does Not Repeat Itself?
Christian Thibon

27 The ICC, God and the 2013 Kenyan General Elections
Herve Maupeu

42 The 4 March 2013 General Elections in Kenya: From Latent Tension to Contained Violence
Mathieu Merino

56 Getting it’Wrongs, Again? Wahojiwa vs. Wapiga Kura in the 2013 Kenyan Election
Tom Wolf

77 On the Political Integration of Minority Communities: The Ogiek of Eastern Mau Forest in the 2013 Elections
Lisa Fuchs

96 Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and the 2013 Kenyan Elections, Between Politics of the Spirit and Expanding Entrepreneurship
Yonatan Gez and Tanya Alvis

116 Role of Election Observers: Diplomatic Bias and the Findings of the Kenyan 2013 Election
Mwongela Kamencu

130 Negotiating History for Negotiated Democracy: The Case of Kisii County in 2013 Kenya Elections
Eric Rosana Masese

144 Twitting Votes: The Middle Class and the 2013 Elections in Kenya
Patrick Mbataru

156 The Quest for New Political Leadership in the South Rift, Kenya
Joseph Misati Akuma

165 Kikuyu-Kalenjin Relations in IDP Camps and the 2013 Elections: An Invitation to ‘The’ Conversation
Susan Mwangi

179 Political Mobilization of Security and Violence by Vigilante Groups in Kisii county: Evaluation of Strategies in Kenya’s Elections 2013
Wycliffe Nyachoti Otiso

190 New Constitution, Odingaism and the State of Internal Democracy in Orange Democratic Movement and its Effects on the 2013 Elections in Kenya George
Odhiambo Okoth and Gordon Onyango Omenya

211 Luo Women Voters/Aspirants and the New Constitutional Dispensation in the March 2013 General Elections in Kenya:The Case of Siaya and Kisumu Counties
Mildred A.J. Ndeda

232 The Election Commission and the Supreme Court: Two New Institutions put to the Test by Elections
Marie Wolfrorn

247 “The Grassroots are very Complicated”: Marginalization and the Emergence of Alternative Authority in the Kenyan Coast 2013 Elections
Ngala Chome

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