Dissemination of American Plants and Historical Changes in the African Great Lakes Region


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Program 13/14/15 November 2018 – IFRA Nairobi

Dissemination of American Plants and Historical Changes in the African Great Lakes region Partnership: LAM-UPPA / CNRS / CIRAD / U. Burundi / JOOUST / KU / UoN / Moi Univ. / NMK /

Makerere Univ. / BIEA / UCL / Karatina Univ.

The problems raised by the dissemination of American Plants (first crop diversity, then its demographical, economical, socio-cultural and political inter-actions) from 16th century in a regional area (the Western Kenyan Case, the colonial Kavirondo, corresponding to Luo, Luhya, Gusii societies areas and their neighbors…) question the settlement process and the driving force changes (economical, socio-cultural, political environments,…). However the limits of archaeological/linguistic data and oral traditions need more additional methods modelling historical evolution: a back-projection from data at the turn of the XIXe- XXe Centuries (or even current in the case of plants), the indirect proxis evidences about settlements and demography, economical, socio-cultural and political changes, finally the study of landscapes and the space’s occupation. In doing so, this historical and archeological approach highlights a paradox, if not a difference from the neighboring developments in the Great Lakes region, the absence of kingdom constructions.

These topics overlap the debate raised by Thimlich Ohinga site and beyond it the multiplication of fortified sites; they respond it in part at least by retracing the historical background.

Historical Regional Panorama

13 November 10h-17h

10 h Welcome IFRA–JOOUST ICHMS: Mildred Ndeda (JOOUST) & Marie-Aude Fouéré (IFRA)

GlobAfrica ANR Presentation: Christian THIBON (LAM-UPPA), Isaya ONJALA (JOOUST)

10h30-12h: Worldwide Interconnections with Africa using Crops as Historical Markers, Geo COPPENS, Michele SCHIAVO, Elisa CARON, Dismas ONGWEN, Joseph Ireri KAMAU, Bernard RONO, Christian LECLERC (CIRAD/Depart. of Museums and Monuments, Kampala/KALRO)

Discussants: Patrick HAYOMBE (JOOUST), Pamela WERE (JOOUST), Washington NDIIRI (Kenyatta Univ.)

13h30-15h: Population Growth and Densities, Socio-Political Landscapes and Crop Diversification in the Great Lakes region: The Demographic Variable, Indicator and Witness of American Plants Dissemination, Peripheral and Central HistoriesChristian THIBON (UPPA-LAM).

Discussants: Peter NDEGE (Moi Univ.), Agatha ALIDRI (Makerere Univ.)

15h15: Salt and Iron at the Heart of the Exchanges, Circulation and Trade in the Great Lakes region during Precolonial Times, Elizabeth VIGNATI (LAM).

Discussants: John MWARUVIE (Karatina Univ.), Pius KAKAI (Kenyatta Univ.)

14 November 9h-12h

9h-10h30Plants, Rituals and Political Power in the Great Lakes regionÉmile MWOROHA (Univ. du Burundi)

Discussants: Henri MÉDARD (Univ. Aix Marseille), Maria ONYANGO (JOOUST)

10h45-12h: Interactive Historical Regional Maps, Valérie ALFAURT (LAM)

14 November, 13h30-17h

Western Nyanza Provinces, Kenyan Western Case”,

Thimlich Ohinga Background,

Historical Issues and Heritage Enigma

Issue: a singular history between historical divergence (the central scenario of Great Lakes kingdoms is not reproduced) and frontier (we are in front of “border”, exchanges between waves of migration-settlements, mobility and encounters), the question of the settlement and social building (Luo, Luhya, Gusii…) facing a “heritage without history (Royal-court Chronicles)”. This question echoes of Thimlich Ohinga Unesco ranking. Settlement history and socio-economic changes are the background of this heritage.

13h30 Thimlich Ohinga in Archeological, Historical, Ethnographic and Cultural Context, Paul LANE (University of Cambridge), Introduction (visio-conference)

14h Historical Settlement Patterns and Models, Migrations and Valorization, Historical Approaches

– Population Movement, Settlement and the Construction of Society East of Lake Victoria in Precolonial Times, the Western Kenyan CaseMildred NDEDA (JOOUST),

– An Eastern peripheral area in Great Lake region, a Pioneering Front (“mole” and frontier) without states, Christian THIBON (UPPA -LAM)

15h15-17 Settlements and Landscape Construction, Archaeological Approach

– Southwestern Kenya and Northern Tanzania during the Second Millennium AD: Archaeology, Environment and Socio-cultural ChangeIsaya ONJALA (JOOUST)

– Bondo Earthworks, Clan Formation and SettlementGilbert OTEYO (BIEA)

– Sites Mapping PresentationElizabeth VIGNATI (LAM), discussants: Paul LANE (U. of Cambridge), Frederick ODEDE (JOOUST)

15 November, Round tables

9h-11h The divergence Central Great Lakes / Western Kenyan Case. Societies, Capital without Kingdom?

 Discussants: Pius KAKAI (KU), Peter NDEGE (Moi University), Emmanuel NDEMIA, Angela KABIRU (NMK), Washington NDIIRI (KU), Dr. R. Anthony ODUOR (Polytech. University), David OKELO (KU), Wycliffe OLOO (NMK), Vincent SIMIYU (UoN), Simiyu WANDIBBA (Moi Univ., NMK)

Moderators: Isaya ONJALA (JOOUST), Mildred NDEDA (JOOUST)

11h15-13h Connection World? Thomas VERNET (Paris Univ., IFAS), Hinterland and Coast: Exchanges Comparative approaches

Information, Registration, Contact: info@ifra-nairobi.net

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