The Resettlement Interview in Refugee Camps. 10 Dec.

@IFRA 2pm-4:30pm

The Perspective of Anthropology, Political Science, Linguistic

With: Aurore Vermylen, Maëline Le Lay, Hannah Elford, Benedetta Wasonga



•Resettlement programmes: A brief presentation
•Objective of the seminar: “Refugees’ self-narrative”

Questions to the Resettlement Agent

•Resettlement procedures and interviews
•The impact of the procedure on the resettlement agent

On Memory and Trauma

•Refugees’ life stories
•Theanthropology of memory and trauma vs. Interviews
•The concept of the “war habitus”
*** BREAK ***

Language in Refugees’ Self-Narratives

•Kinyarwanda/Kirundi/Kinyamylenge: Secrets and metaphors
•Kiswahili: Language violence

Narratives, Power and the Victim

•Analysis of the refugees’ self-narrative speech in camp
•Power and victimisationin every-day life

Questions & Answers

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