Maëline Le Lay – Researcher

Maëline Le Lay is specialised in African literatures. Her research deals with theatre, performing arts and literature in the Great Lakes Region (eastern DR-Congo, Rwanda, Burundi) today. She is interested in the interactions between artists and NGOs. She also investigates the colonial history of theatre written and performed in the former Belgian, British and French empires. She is a researcher at CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), posted at IFRA in 2018-2020.

Her book, «La Parole construit le pays». Théâtre, langues et didactisme au Katanga (République démocratique du Congo) – the reworked version of her PhD thesis – was published in 2014 by Honoré Champion (Paris). Together with Dominique Malaquais and Nadine Siegert, she co-edited in 2015, Archive (re)mix. Vues d’Afrique, a collective transdisciplinary book on the uses of archive by artists.

She coordinates a 3-year research project, co-funded by the Nouvelle Région Aquitaine and Fondation de France, called How Art Affects Citizenship. Processes of Citizenship and Configurations of Memory in the Performing Arts (theatre and music)”.

She is a member of the editorial board of the journal Études Littéraires Africaines

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