Prospects of gambling business in Africa

The EIG-2015 conference, held this year in Berlin, touched, as always, the issues of the game space research on a global scale and gathered experts working in this field, who tried to compare the lines of behavior of specific players – representatives of the developing gambling markets.

The conference was attended not only by representatives of well-known manufacturing companies and startups, but also by decision makers at the highest level of government.

During the event, a group of experts (John Camara (Director of Global Gaming Africa), Yahaya, Maikori (President of the Gaming Association of Nigeria) and others), studying the development of the gambling business in Africa, raised the issue of problems in the region.

Despite the fact that many consider this continent to be far from Europe and its population to be small, the difficulties in African gambling are similar to those in Europe, because the players are becoming more educated and technological, and their actions and behavior are not much different from those of Europe. They also like bonuses as much as Europeans (the best of them can be found on and enjoy using them.

The situation in this area is somewhat different, because Africa is inhabited by peoples with their own cultures and laws, including the rules of gambling. Thus, the authorities of Nigeria, the largest country on the continent, approved a special gambling legislation in the country, Kenya or Zambia have established their own rules, different from those of Nigeria, and so on.

Therefore, before you go to some African region, you need to prepare to learn as much information about the country itself, about its order and its inhabitants.

At this time, the representatives of the gambling business of the continent face a difficult task to make this business profitable both for the authorities and its representatives, and for the casino users themselves (which is no less important). This industry should be beneficial for everyone.

According to experts, Africa is expected to experience a real gambling boom, as the inhabitants of the continent are learning new technologies, using them in the gambling business, why the gambling itself is developing and becoming more popular. Especially because the people of Africa and themselves are very temperamental by nature.

Experts expect significant changes in the gaming industry in Africa, the launch of a new product and a significant amount of money from gambling. Africa is becoming one of the most profitable continents for gambling.

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