Wahome Mutahi’s World

wahomeHervé Maupeu, Patrick Mutahi, Wahome Mutahi’s World, Nairobi, Transafrica Press, East African monographs no. 1, 2005, 152 p. ISBN 9789966940964

This book is about Wahome Mutahi, a remarkable and thought-provoking chronicler of Kenya’ Second Liberation. Mutahi, who was victim of the brutal sadism of the notorious Nyayo House torturers, taught us how to win the war against political repression, greed and corruption with the irresistible weapon of gales of mocking laughter, supplemented by deadly bombardments of stinging satire. Every week he went on steadily puncturing the regime’s balloons of pretentious pomposity until there were none left to deflate. Steeped in the lore and ritual of the Catholic Church, this former altar boy brilliantly constructed his own magical atmosphere of jokes and merriment on ‘the slopes’ of Mount Kenya. With himself as Whispers, he had peopled his world of comedy with Whispers’ extraordinary family, comprising Appep (Whispers’ Mother), Thatcher (Whispers’ wife), the Investment (eldest daughter), the Pajero (second daughter) and Whispers Junior (known to some as the domestic thug), plus an eccentric supporting cast. Every Sunday, more and more Kenyans would eagerly participate, usually convulsed in their laughter, in the fantastic adventures of the fictional family in their bouts with bureaucracy and their tiffs with the paper tyrants who rode roughshod over them.

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