[CAE N°47] Diversity in Society, 2013

Diversity in Society, Les Cahiers de l’Afrique de l’Est n°47, 2013

Editors : M. Prum, C. Thibon, T. Vircoulon


T. Vircoulon, Introduction

D. de Lame, How comes we need to think about (which) diversity? What tools do we need to do so?

M. Adam, A diversity with several levels : Kenyan politics of integration and the Kenyan minorities of Indian origin

M. Ndeda, The struggle of new religious movements in the Kenyan religious space : the case of the Repentance and Holiness Movement

S. Omondi Owino, The language factor in the search for national cohesion and integration in Kenya

J. Egwurube, United we claim, divided we act : Managing diversity in postcolonial Nigeria

B. Cros, “Where mediocrity is tolerated”. Rugby sevens and the management of diversity in South African rugby”

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