[CAE N°48] The Observatory of the Great Lakes, 2014

Les Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est n°48, 2014 : “The Observatory of the Great Lakes”

This year 2014 brings a bright new look to IFRA’s international journal, Les Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est (or The East African Review). Since it was first launched in 1996, Les Cahiers have published Varia issues gathering academic articles or short papers on various topics as well as special issues. Besides this new look to the cover design, the journal will now be divided into three sections. The first section will gather formal academic and research articles. The second section will publish fieldwork materials collected by researchers (such as transcribed and translated interviews, songs, etc.) and primary sources (written local histories, political manifestos, poetry, disquisitions of philosophy or theology, biographies and memoirs, diaries, letters, etc.) edited, annotated and introduced by short accounts about theirvalue and interest for a larger audience of scholars. The third and last section will publish short book reviews on East Africa.

The new journal aims to give students from within the humanities and social sciences the chance to have their work on the East African region published in an academic journal. It also welcomes contributions by junior and senior scholars from East Africa, France, and Europe, who are encouraged to submit special issues on a theme or East African country of their choice. It aims to give visibility to new research topics, seeks for empirically grounded works, promotes interdisciplinary approaches, and enhances international research collaboration.

The journal welcomes submissions from disciplines such as anthropology, development studies, economics, geography, history, international relations, literature, language and linguistics, political science, and sociology. The new journal will be published four times a year. It will soon be available in its
entirety on IFRA website. The formation of an editorial board composed of junior and senior scholars is under way in order to improve the selection and peer-review process of the articles submitted, and bring the journal to international standards.

Nairobi, 25th March 2014


Benjamin Augé & Rose Nakayi, Eastern Africa: a New Oil and Gas Frontier

Ronan Porhel & Alain Léon, L’influence des corridors dans le développement régional : le cas de l’East African Community

Alexandre Taithe, Les changements climatiques dans la région des Grands Lacs

Jérémy Révillon, Le Rwanda, un modèle économique ?

Gérald Gerold, RD Congo : L’échec des pouvoirs provinciaux une nouvelle étape dans la déconstruction
de la troisième République

Gérald Gerold, Suivi national des engagements souscrits dans l’accord-cadre d’Addis Abeba du 24 février 2003 : Etat des lieux

Jean-Jacques Patry, Approche comparée des processus R.S.S. dans les Grands Lacs

Chris Katumanga Musambayi, Militaries and Security Provisioning in Africa: An Appreciation of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

Équipe de l’Observatoire des Grands Lacs en Afrique, Les élections kenyanes de mars 2013 : le calme est-il désormais acquis?

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