Remembering the Revolution in Zanzibar (Fouéré & Bissell)


This volume edited by Marie-Aude Fouéré and William Cunningham Bissell focuses on the cultural memory and mediation of the 1964 Zanzibar revolution, analyzing its continuing reverberations in everyday life.

The revolution constructed new conceptions of community and identity, race and cultural belonging, as well as instituting different ideals of nationhood, citizenship, and sovereignty. As the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the revolution revealed, the official versions of events have shifted significantly over time and the legacy of the uprising is still deeply contested. In these debates, the question of Zanzibar identity remains very much at stake: Who exactly belongs in the islands and what historical processes brought them there? What are the boundaries of the nation, and who can claim to be an essential part of this imagined and embodied community?

Contributors: Nathalie Arnold-Koenings; Nathaniel Mathews; Kjersti Larsen; Ahmed Rajab; Roman Loimeier; Garth Myers; Ann Lee Grimstad; Gary Burgess; Makame Ali Muhajir; Gavin Macarthur; Marie-Aude Fouéré

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