State Influence in the Market and Transport Sectors in Kampala (Anna Fichtmüller)

view of one of Kampala's taxi parks (2012) @Anna Fichtmüller

view of one of Kampala’s taxi parks (2012) @Anna Fichtmüller

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It is said that the mobilization of particular interest groups is a vital component to the consolidation of democracy (Goodfellow 2017a). Thus, discovering a vibrant associational structure in the transport and market sectors in Uganda’s capital Kampala seems to give hope for the development of an active civil society. Both sectors are vital to the city’s economy. In a country that lacks industrialization trading, and particularly petty trading within the informal economy, has become an important source of income for a majority of Kampala inhabitants. Conservative estimates believe that there are about 200 markets in Kampala, of which only a quarter are gazetted by the Kampala Capital City Authority. 

Anna Fichtmüller, ” Control and Co-optation. State influence in the Market and Transport Sectors in Kampala”, Mambo!, XIV, (5), 2017.

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