Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle

Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle is a political scientist from University Paris 1- Panthéon Sorbonne studying collective mobilizations, elections and power relations in sub-Saharan Africa; she is a member of IMAF research unit (Institut des mondes africains) and has been IFRA’s director in 2014-2018.

She did her doctoral fieldwork in Kenya and Cameroon on the genealogy of human rights mobilisations in post-colonial societies. She focused on the biographical trajectories of activists,  the intersections of local, national and international narratives of human rights and  the conditions of collective action in authoritarian regimes. She then researched and published about transnational activism in Africa and especially on the inequality of economic and symbolic resources in global justice movements. She now works on different projects in Cameroon and Kenya, linked to elections, legitimacy and inequalities, notably on a manuscript on the politics of loyalty in Cameroon.

In Cameroon and Kenya, she is conducting research on identification, mobilizations and voting. In Kenya, her fieldwork focuses on the mobilizations around extra-judicial police killings, and on the narratives of inequalities.

In 2015, she published:

– With K. Tall et M. Cahen (ed.), Ca suffit ! Mobilisations, contestations et résistances en Afrique, Leiden, Brill, 2015

– With J. Siméant et I. Sommier (eds), Observing an International Mobilization: the WSF in Dakar (2011), Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam Press, 2015

– With Nadine Machikou Ngaméni « Fabrics of Loyalty:The Politics of International Women Day’s Wax Print Cloth in Cameroon », Africa, vol. 85, n°4, 2015, p. 656-676

– « Les violences dans l’Extrême-Nord du Cameroun : le complot comme outil d’interprétation et de luttes politiques », Politique africaine, n° 138, 2015, p. 163-177

– « Activist Encounters at the World Social Forum: Nationalism and Sovereignty in an Internationalized Event », in J. Siméant, M-E Pommerolle & I. Sommier (eds), Observing an International Mobilization: the World Social Forum in Dakar (2011), Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam Press, 2015, p. 41-58

Some of her publications can be downloaded here:


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