IFRA’s Online Library « Bibliothèque connectée » – Request to authors

IFRA kindly requests grants beneficiaries  to submit the digital version of their papers for the « Bibliothèque connectée » (IFRA’s Online library)

IFRA-BIEA library is unique in providing pertinent and rare documents in Social and Human Sciences. The collection now available relates mainly to East Africa and to the research themes developed by the two institutes: it provides access to more than 15,000 books and 60,000 periodicals, more than 200 thesis, and press reviews which can be accessed in a 150m2 library. To access the library, one requires IFRA and/or BIEA membership. New IFRA membership cards are now available.

IFRA has launched a programme for putting online rare documents and archives thanks to the support of l’Institut Français. IFRA will digitise hundreds of documents including master thesis, and PhD thesis, working papers and maps. Press reviews will also be available on line.

IFRA kindly requests authors who have benefited from IFRA’s grants to send  Pdf versions (or Word version) of the documents that they provided to IFRA’s library. The requested documents are master thesis, Phd thesis, articles and working papers available in paper version in the library.

Check the IFRA-BIEA online catalog

Please feel free to contact us for more information: info@ifra-nairobi.net

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