Exhibition on Elections in Africa: Radio Interview

Institut des Afriques hosted an exhibition covering aspects of elections in Africa.  This exhibition was first organized by IFRA-Nairobi and the National Museums of Kenya(NMK) and hosted at the Nairobi National Museum in 2015. Radio RCF Bordeaux hosted Dr Cyrielle Maingraud-Martinaud, a political scientist from Les Afriques dans le Monde on their show L’as-tu vu? where she talked more about the exhibition and elections in Africa. You can listen to her interview on Radio RCF below.

In the past, elections in Africa have been marred by electoral fraud and sometimes violence. However we’ve also seen peaceful elections, uncontested victories, peaceful transition of power and good voter turnout. With this in mind, the exhibition is showcasing campaign materials from all over Africa as well as symbolic photographs of key moments in history. It also brings to light the technological changes in the electoral process and how the political culture has evolved in Africa. The exhibition covers a wide range of topics (in the electoral process) which are a subject of debate in the continent and outside the continent.


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