Video Training for Scientists

Students follow during a training session

IFRA-Nairobi together with the French Embassy, Resilience in East Africa Landscape (REAL) and Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) successfully carried out a short but intense video training course for scientists that culminated in a research and researchers film festival at Alliance Française on 13th May.

15 students were picked on a competitive basis to undergo the training, and as a deliverable at the end of the training, realized a short film based on their research topics. The training equipped the students with skills to edit a scientific documentary based on research they had conducted and audio-visual material produced by each one of them . Focusing mainly on post-production, the training covered editing and visual rewriting of the scenario and mastering of technical tools required e.g. Adobe Premiere.  The challenge was to do this within a limited time yet create a powerful, engaging and professional film.

In the end, each of the students produced a 10-15 minutes scientific documentary, each showcased during the Research Film Festival at Alliance Francaise. The films are an interesting way to disseminate research work to the public. They are now available on this link.

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