Becoming Minister for Lands: Jackson Angaine and Meru politics (1961-1963)

Anaïs Angelo, »Becoming Minister for Lands: Jackson Angaine and Meru politics (1961-1963) », Mambo! Volume XIV (3), 2016.

In 1978 British Officials profiled the most prominent Kenyan politicians and produced a document entitled ” Leading Personalities in Kenya, 1978 “. Their information was certainly inspired by regular talks they had with influential civil servants, and bore the marks of the insidious tensions between ministers and provincial administrators that pertained Kenyan politics since independence. The document provided an intriguing account of Jackson Harvester Angaine, Minister for Lands and Settlements throughout President Jomo Kenyatta’s regime: ” One of the least effective Ministers, but an able politician at the grass roots level where he uses his ministerial position and presidential support to maintain his influence among the Meru and further his personal ends. He is a leading farmer in Meru District. He seldom attends Parliament but President relies on him in Land dealings.”


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