Publication of the Final Report: Urbanisation and Street Vending.

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IFRA Nairobi would like to thank all its partners for the realization of the project Urbanization and Street vending, that was implemented during the year 2016. We are pleased to share the final report. This report is a result of a cooperation between IFRA-Nairobi, Kenyan academics, representatives of Street Traders associations, Micro and Small Enterprises Association, local Authorities, Development agencies and artists.

The project organized two forums (Kisumu May 12, Nairobi September 15), an international conference and a cultural event (Nairobi November 9-10) in order to address the issue of integrating informal trade into urban governance and urban planning. The project is in line with two pillars of the Kenya Vision 2030.

The IFRA project is combining both scientific and practical dimensions, by not only producing and discussing academic knowledge, but also by putting that knowledge at the service of the political debates.

The objective of this report is to situate the issue of street vending in Kenya and particularly in Kisumu and Nairobi in wider contexts by presenting the project, its objectives and its realizations and by presenting a literature on street vending review from global to local scales. Lastly, the report presents lessons learnt and recommendations.

The Final report is available here: Report Urbanization and Street Vending

The report was presented to the partners and the stakeholders in Nairobi and Kisumu, on the 14th and 16th of December. The presentation document is available here: Presentation of the Final Report

During this year, IFRA Nairobi also launched a series of videos realized in Nairobi and in Kisumu. They have been directed by Stanislas Grenapin. The 17 videos are interviews done with street vendors, official, sector leaders and academics. The videos give the voice to the stakeholders. They deal with the organisation of the streets, the challenge faced by the street vendors, the views of urban planning and give definition about street vending. The videos are available here:


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