[LAUNCH] [CAE N°51] November 15, 2016 at IFRA Nairobi : “Global History, East Africa and the Classical Traditions”

The special issue is accessible on line here : Les Cahiers n°51

The French Institute For Research in Africa (IFRA)  invites to the launch of the special issue “Global History, East Africa and the Classical Traditions” of Les Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est edited by Carla Bocchetti (IFRA).

 Classical forms, whether in themselves as collected objects or as reconfigured styles (e.g. Neoclassicism), have travelled across the world through a series of global engagements, of which European imperialism has been the most notable. This special issue of Les Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est aims to point out that Classical remains/motifs can be seen as mutable cultural objects whose trajectories have been deeply imbricated with specific social encounters. The Classical foundation of Western thought has been ‘hybridised’ not only through changes in the West but also the global circulations through which it has travelled.

Presentation will be by Dr.Thomas Vernet, Director of the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS)

Venue: IFRA OFFICES. Laikipia Road. Kileleshwa-Nairobi

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

Time: 4 pm.

Free entrance – Garden Reception

Kindly confirm your attendance at: seminars@ifra-nairobi.net

– Table of Contents –
Carla Bocchetti, Global History, Geography and the Classics


Section 1. Africa and the Classics
1. Phiroze Vasunia, Ethiopia and India: Fusion and Confusion in British Orientalism
2. Daniel Orrells, V.Y. Mudimbe and the Myth of Oedipus


Section 2. Global History and Geography
3. Giorgio Riello, Note – Cotton and the Great Divergence: The Asian Fibre that made Europe Rich
4. Carla Bocchetti, Performing Geography in Global History
5. Edward Pollard, Interpreting Medieval to Post-Medieval Seafaring in SE Tanzania using 18th- to 20th Century Charts and Sailing Directions


Section 3. Africa and Visual Culture
6. Paul Niell, El Templete: Civic Monument, African Significations, and the Dialectics of Colonial Urban Space in Early Nineteenth-Century Havana, Cuba
7. Carol Kaufmann, Patterns of Contacts – Designs from the Indian Ocean World: A Curator’s View
8. Sarah Longair, Visions of the Global: the Classical and the Eclectic in Colonial East African Architecture
9. Gordon Omenya, A Global History of Asian’s Presence in Kisumu District of Kenya’s Nyanza Province

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